Learn how rural landowners worked with AgAmerica to purchase a vertically integrated Washington fruit operation.  

Farmland conservation is at the heart of why we do what we do. By 2050, we will need to increase food production by as much as 70 percent to meet global demand. Keeping American farmland in the hands of landowners who understand the value in its soil is paramount to the future of our food security.  

The Challenge 

Rural landowners were interested in purchasing a large tree fruit operation in Washington and needed flexible and timely financing to meet the seller’s tight timeline. The operation has apple and cherry orchards as well as packing facilities with technological enhancements included. With the help of this technology, the landowners sought to obtain financing to support their mission in building a lucrative operation focused on sustainable food production. 

The Solution 

After realizing that AgAmerica could get the job done in the timeframe they needed, the landowners worked with us to secure a $130.5MM term note to purchase the robust operation. With this financing, they will be able to integrate climate-smart farming practices into the operation while supporting the future growth of this vertically integrated operation.