AgAmerica’s Pivot Program helps a Washington winery access working capital to fund operational activities.

Winery owners in the tri-cities area of Washington were looking at alternative financing options for their 109+ acre operation that provided flexibility and optimized profitability within their operation. With the help of their financial advisor, they found AgAmerica to assist in their financing needs.

The Challenge

The highly-respected winery owners in the Washington community were looking for a way to refinance their existing and operational debt into an interest-only term loan. Despite their growth in wine-club subscriptions and international consumption of products, a major online retailer had recently removed their wine, making it difficult for them to obtain a loan to suit the needs of their operation.

The Solution

An AgAmerica Relationship Manager worked with the winery on site to fully understand the potential of their operation and to customize a loan package for their long-term needs. Through AgAmerica’s unique Pivot Program, they were able to obtain a $7.6MM loan that included a $2.0MM revolving line of credit for daily operations, giving them financial stability and security against any unforeseen circumstances that could affect them in the future.