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September 3, 2014

3 Reasons to Use AgAmerica Farm Loans to Purchase Farm Technology

Innovative farm technologies are constantly reshaping, even revitalizing, the way farming and ranching operations do business. To stay in the race, many operations need to quickly take advantage of technological advancements. Without the working capital, however, this is a challenge. This is one reason why ag lending institutions exist: to help agricultural businesses act fast on new opportunities.

AgAmerica’s competitive agricultural loans do just that. With AgAmerica on your side you will:

  1. Get what you need.
    AgAmerica chooses ag loans that align with your farming and business needs. We will factor in your budget, credit, and income, to determine a farm loan type that works. Our ag loan experts will work with you to create an affordable payback plan that aligns with your budget.
  2. Get out of a rut.
    Agriculture is a tough, unpredictable industry. Droughts, pest invasions, economic swings, other environmental factors — we understand the struggles farmers often face in keeping an operation afloat. In trying times, technology has the potential to be a saving grace by reducing money spent, maximizing profits, and/or creating new streams of profit. But how do you benefit from these business-saving technologies without the necessary cash at hand? Two words: agricultural financing. If you know there is a technology out there that can greatly boost your business, collaborate with our ag lending experts to determine an agriculture loan option that fits.
  3. Get timely capital.
    Do you have your eyes on a coming-soon piece of farm technology that has the potential to totally transform your business? Do you need capital to take advantage of a huge upgrade? Whether it’s a new tool, item, or system, our ag lending company can help. We’re known for getting our customers the ag financing they need when they need it to successfully boost business.
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