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December 15, 2015

AgAmerica Lending Loan Products for Georgia Farmers and Ranchers

Loan Products for Georgia Farmers & Ranchers

Georgia is a southern state with a diverse mix of terrain and an important standing in the country’s agriculture industry; so much so that one of the state’s mottos is “Agriculture and Commerce.” Find out what AgAmerica Lending can offer the farmers and ranchers of The Peach State.

Land Lending for Georgia Acreage

Georgia has over 59,000 square acres of land, and nearly 10,000 of those acres are for farmland. Georgians looking for farm lending for new operations or to expand their existing agribusinesses will find many options with AgAmerica Lending. With the average value of an agricultural acre in Georgia totaling $3,300, land is a precious part of any ag business.

Creative Agricultural Lending Solutions for Georgian Producers

With lending expertise in Georgia’s top commodities and more, AgAmerica Lending has the knowledge and resources to find agricultural lending solutions for Georgian producers of all crops and sizes. Take the third-generation chicken farmer’s story as an example: we successfully helped the family’s farm save $54K annually. You can read more about their unique poultry farm loan challenges, and how we were able to assist them here.

Loans for Georgia’s Top Commodity Producers

Georgia’s top commodities include both livestock and crops. Georgia leads the nation in peanut production, and the state is home to over 1 million head of cattle. AgAmerica Lending offers loans perfectly made to meet the demands of raising either peanuts or cattle. Similarly, those in Georgia’s other top commodities—broiler chickens, cotton, and chicken eggs—will find AgAmerica Lending loans that can be used to buy feed and fodder, to repair a barn, to buy a new cotton harvester when the old one breaks down, to put farm diversification ideas into practice and much more. From traditional ag loans to lines of credit and Bridge Land Loans, AgAmerica Lending offers the perfect products for the ag producers of Georgia.

AgAmerica Lending has a lot to offer those in agriculture, both in Georgia and the rest of the nation. We help farmers and ranchers to develop and prosper with our low-interest rates, long amortizations, and outstanding 10-year line of credit.

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