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April 29, 2017

AgAmerica Talks Sweet Corn Varieties and the Sweet Corn Fiesta

AgAmerica examines sweet corn varieties, a favorite summer treat, in anticipation of The Sweet Corn Fiesta at the end of April.

Last November, we wrote about the different types of corn grown in the Southeast, one of the largest crops in the U.S. In anticipation of The Sweet Corn Fiesta April 30th in West Palm Beach, FL, we’re exploring the different sweet corn varieties that are likely to accentuate your family dinner table and complement your backyard barbecues this summer and beyond.

Sweet Corn Varieties

Florida is ‘Corn Central,’ as the state leads all others in the country in the production of sweet corn. Florida corn farmers produce sweet corn year-round, and the season peaks in April and May.

A major variety are those designated as Sunshine Sweet Corn. These varieties are grown exclusively in Florida and are all in the “Supersweet” category. According to the Fresh Sunshine Sweet Corn Council, they are the result of breeding methods that select for sweetness, and the resulting Sunshine Sweet Corn varieties boast three times the sugar content of other sweet corn varieties. The enhancement is possible through three select genes that affect corn’s sugar content: normal sugary (SU), sugary enhancer (SE) and supersweet (Sh2) genes.

While sweet corn is grown all over the country, Florida and other southern states grow the lion’s share. There are many different types of sweet corn grown in the U.S. Each sweet corn type grown is meant for different markets, such as yellow sweet corn grown for processing and bi-color corn or white sweet corn earmarked for fresh corn markets. Similarly, different sweet corn types are grown for different traits, such as sweetness, disease and pest resistance, time to maturity, and a long shelf life.

Sweet corn varieties grown throughout the Southeast and beyond, as described in a article, include:

Yellow Corn

  • Aspire
  • honey pACk
  • Summer SWeet® SS AChieve
  • Summer SWeet SS Early Riser

Bi-Color Corn

  • American Dream
  • Anthem II
  • BSS0761
  • BSS1075
  • Caliber
  • Cumberland
  • Kate
  • Kickoff XR
  • Nirvana
  • Raquel
  • Remedy
  • Rosie
  • snACk pACk
  • Summer SWeet SS ACtivate
  • Super Surprise
  • SV9010SA

White Corn

  • glACial
  • Natalie

The Sweet Corn Fiesta

Slated for April 30th in West Palm Beach, FL, The Sweet Corn Fiesta revolves around that summer sweet treat, corn. It’s a family-friendly event with corn-eating contests, games and rides, live music and food and drink vendors all in celebration of sweet corn.

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