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April 20, 2022

AgAmerica Partners With Country Music Artist Dillon Carmichael to Spotlight U.S. Agriculture

Lakeland, FL., April 20, 2022—AgAmerica Lending LLC (“AgAmerica”), one of the nation’s leading agricultural land lenders and the first commercial mortgage REIT within U.S. agriculture, has partnered with American country singer-songwriter Dillon Carmichael on his 2022 Son of A Tour.

Agriculture is the Backbone of this Nation. Country Music is its Heartbeat.

As one of the most granular markets in the United States, the agriculture industry is comprised of approximately 3.4 million farmers operating 2.0 million farms. These farmers face daily challenges outside of their control including severe weather, supply chain constraints, labor shortages, restrictive legislation, and rising input costs. Bottom line—farmers are increasingly required to generate more output with fewer resources.

As a result, these challenges have dramatically heightened the need for flexible financing that extends beyond the limitations of traditional farm loans—but even more so—a network of advocates to raise awareness for issues that threaten their way of life.

“This partnership with Dillon Carmichael and the start of the AgAmbassador Program positions AgAmerica as a company that stands behind its mission of celebrating the American farmer,” stated Veronica Rodriguez, AgAmerica’s Director of Marketing.

As one of the first AgAmericans™ to embark on this journey, Carmichael is playing an active role alongside AgAmerica in helping to bridge the country music community and rural America to build a network that is vital to the future of American agriculture.

“We wanted to work with someone who loved our brand and mission as much as we do,” said AgAmerica’s Director of Business Development Pat Spinosa of his search for our first ambassador. “Coming from a small farming community in Kentucky, Dillon was a perfect match for AgAmerica and our mission. He understands the critical role agriculture plays in supporting the livelihood of rural communities and feeding our nation.”

As a former FFA member of the Burgin Independent Chapter, Carmichael brings a genuine perspective of the farming community to country music. Through his Son of A Tour, Carmichael is paying homage to his rural roots by spotlighting the important role farmers serve in providing food and fiber for our nation.

An All-American Tour

“We’re doing what no one else is doing. We all understand the adversity of farming and we want to do as much as we can to help the farmer. [Carmichael and the bus] are stopping across the country to spread the word,” said Spinosa.

With more than 120 stops lined up across the continental U.S., Carmichael and his band members hit the road on April 12 in a custom-designed, cobranded tour bus. The combination of AgAmerica’s stunning photography, powerful messaging, and prominent QR code captivates onlookers and delivers a digital experience beyond the typical tour page. Users can expect to find an immersive experience waiting for them on the other end that seamlessly brings together two incredible communities that make up the fabric of this nation.

For more information on AgAmerica’s partnership with Dillon Carmichael and the Son of A Tour, visit

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