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May 10, 2018

Agritechnology and the Dairy Cattle Industry: Milking it for Everything It’s Worth

Dairy cattle technology offers the same key benefits as all other precision agriculture technologies:

Savings and Increased Yields.

Precision agriculture has proven itself when it comes to saving time and energy for the farmer, and increasing harvests, but what about precision dairy technology? It isn’t often that dairy cattle technology is discussed, but it offers the same types of benefits as precision ag tech that’s utilized in the field. Explore the advantages of technology used in the dairy industry below.

Advantages of Dairy Cattle Technology

Modern dairy farming techniques are a huge step up from tradition methods of milking cows. Milking systems are able to make a big difference in both large and small operations. A article about one farming family’s experiences with installing a cutting-edge milking system highlighted the benefits of precision dairy technology. Advantages included:

Doing More with Fewer Staff. Since a large part of the actual labor is done by the milking machines, it means that a smaller staff can handle more cows. The milking machinery and tracking system would also allow a dairy operation to monitor the work of staff on a day-to-day basis.

Supplying Data. The automated swing arm milking system supplies data on factors such as milk weight, flow rate, average pounds per minute, peak milk flow, and milk temperature. This data makes up the “precision” portion of precision ag tech, and it offers a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the ins and outs of a dairy operation.

Detects Problems. The technology doesn’t just put the harvest under a microscope, it can also detect issues with the dairy cows, too. A higher than normal milk temperature can indicate an ill animal, for example. The tracking system will alert operators to a problem that they might not have detected until much later. Using this dairy cattle technology can cut down on illnesses like mastitis and other issues.

It’s Customizable. The system used by the dairy family in the article offers customizable data points. Dairy operators can choose what information to track and set the thresholds for alerts. It’s a user-friendly endeavor that requires only a little technical knowledge and doesn’t take a lot of time away from the milking parlor.

AgAmerica supports the opportunities that precision agriculture technology brings to the dairy cattle industry. This agritech proactively helps farmers save time, decrease problems, increase yields, and helps farming operations to be more profitable. See what other benefits our custom dairy loan products can offer your agribusiness when you contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable team member.


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