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June 28, 2023

Rural Roots and Inspiring Stories: America’s Newest Farm Podcast

Your new favorite farm podcast about overcoming adversity, achieving success, and appreciating everything rural life has to offer.

Many Americans grow up without understanding the resilience, dedication, and courage it takes to get food from the farm to the table. This detachment from our food system has led to a declining understanding of the vital role rural America has in our society and lack of appreciation for the people who keep it alive. 

Enter Pat Spinosa, AgAmerica’s Director of Business Development, sixth-generation cattle and citrus farmer, and the host of America’s newest farm podcast, “Like a Farmer”. 

“We’re missing programming that celebrates the backbone of the American economy—farmers. There isn’t anything out there focused on showcasing all the different people who not only have a passion for agriculture and land ownership but take an active role in it,” Pat explained.  

Pat is traveling around the country to talk with heroes who came from rural roots about how their childhoods shaped them into the people they are today. There are endless life experiences on the farm that shape a person’s character, and Pat is making it his personal mission to take those lessons and share them with the rest of the world. 


The inspiration behind the Like a Farmer podcast stems from Pat’s passion for rural America, having grown up in it himself. As a sixth-generation cattle and citrus farmer, he saw a need to showcase the lives of those who have a love for agriculture and broadcast it mainstream.  

And for those in the farming community, you already understand the importance of bringing farming to younger generations.  

Fewer kids are growing up and taking over the family farm—the average age of all producers climbed to 57.5 years back in 2017. There are more than six times as many primary producers aged 65 and older as primary producers 34 and younger.  

In Like a Farmer’s premiere episode, Pat talks to someone he hopes will inspire young people into agriculture—farmer and Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen.  


Without farmers, we’ll all go hungry. It’s a tough job, but it’s one that deserves respect—and the spotlight.  

“Farming is a great profession. It’s how food gets on our table—that hamburger we all enjoy doesn’t just drop out of the sky. There are hardworking people that don’t always get celebrated the way they deserve,” Pat Spinosa said.  

Ready to be wowed with stories from America’s breadbasket? Listen to the first episode of Like a Farmer featuring Josh Allen anywhere you listen to podcasts. Or subscribe on YouTube to never miss a new release.  

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