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February 1, 2024

Like A Farmer Podcast Reaches More Than 125K Subscribers 

We’re on a mission to celebrate Rural America—and we’re just getting started. 

In June of 2023, the AgAmerica-sponsored Like a Farmer Podcast released its first episode. In just half a year, podcast host Pat Spinosa and team collaborated with homegrown stars with rural beginnings across the nation to create nine episodes filled with stories of perseverance, grit, and a bit of anecdotal humor. 

Growing to more than 125k subscribers on YouTube and counting, Like a Farmer is gaining traction and doing its part in expanding the community that celebrates all that Rural America has to offer. 

As we dive into season two, featuring country music star Riley Green, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite moments in Like a Farmer season one.  

Episode One: Farmin’ and Football with Josh Allen 

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills quarterback, sat down with host Pat Spinosa to talk about what it was like growing up on his family farm—and the support he got from his dad when he decided to pursue a career in sports. 

“[My dad] knew what he was doing when he was raising me as a kid. He wanted me to play NFL almost as much as I did.” – Josh Allen 

Episode Two: Tractors and Trick Shots with Tyler Toney of Dude Perfect 

Dude Perfect frontman, Tyler Toney discussed breaking records, saving rhinos, and growing up on a ranch. Tyler knows what it means to be successful and stay humble. He shares how he passes on his respect for the land and his passion for hunting to his sons. 

“It was so cool to be there and work on those animals and feel like you had a small part in protecting them and helping them see another day.” – Tyler Toney 

Episode Three: The Star of Corn and Country with Hailey Whitters 

Hailey Whitters is not your typical country singer. As ACM’s New Female Artist of the Year, she shared her journey to success in the Music City, and how growing up in Rural America shaped her albums.  

“I remember driving through Western Iowa and seeing signs that were saying ‘stop the airport, save the farms.’ And that was the first time I realized the government can take farms to build an airport. That kind of blew my mind.” – Haley Whitters 

Episode Four: Bringing the West to the Rest with Ian Munsick 

Pat explored Western Country music with Ian Munsick, and how he brought a touch of the west to the heart of Nashville, all while sharing stories from his upbringing in rural Wyoming. 

“Country towns, country fans are the best in the world because they will give the shirt literally off their backs to make sure that it happens.” – Ian Munsick 

Episode Five: Chasin’ Quarterbacks and Chickens with Von Miller 

Like a Farmer covered Von Miller’s humble beginnings in Texas, where hunting and fishing were his roots. This upbringing influenced his passion project, a venture that’s near and dear to his heart—chicken farming.  

“I wanted to have a chicken farm that I could be proud of. A farm I could invite people to see what’s going on.” – Von Miller 

Episode Six: From the Farm to the Sideline with Marty Smith 

Like a Farmer took a detour from the fields to the sidelines to talk with American sports journalist, Marty Smith. Marty blends his passion for journalism with the strong work ethic instilled in him by his farming background in the heart of Appalachia. 

“I saw [my dad] cry twice, and one was when we had to put Rufus [our bull] down, and the other one was when my mama died. And that tells you the personal connection with the land and the livestock and the work. I’ll never forget seeing that.” – Marty Smith 

Episode Seven: From the Field to the Fast Lane with Ross Chastain 

NASCAR sensation Ross Chastain told Like a Farmer about his journey from watermelons fields to the adrenaline-fueled tracks of NASCAR and how the famous “hail melon” wall move came to be. 

“My dad’s thing was always we’re going to go to work, we’re going to grow our watermelons, and then our fun and our hobby is we’re going to go race.” – Ross Chastain 

Episode Eight: From the Farm to Mt. Everest with Blind Adventurer Lonnie Bedwell 

In this powerful two-part interview, Pat sat down with Lonnie Bedwell, a remarkable individual whose life took an unexpected turn after a hunting accident left him completely blind. Despite this life-altering setback, Lonnie pursued his passion for climbing, shattering societal perceptions and redefining the limits of what is possible.  

“I was never the least bit angry at the guy that shot me. We all still have a relationship today, we’re still really good friends. I tell him all the time he’s much better looking to me now than he used to be.” – Lonnie Bedwell 

Episode Nine: Ole Miss Quarterback, Jaxson Dart 

In the season one finale of Like a Farmer, Pat sat down with Ole Miss Quarterback, Jaxson Dart for a candid conversation about his passion for the outdoors.  

“I haven’t been duck hunting until last year when I first moved to Mississippi and got introduced to it by some of my offensive linemen. And it just hooked me. I couldn’t wait for this season to come around.” – Jaxson Dart 

Subscribe To Like a Farmer and Never Miss a Moment 

Season two is here, and Like a Farmer has an exciting lineup of guests. The first episode with singer-songwriter Riley Green is out now—find it wherever you listen to podcasts. If you’re not already subscribed, make sure to follow Like a Farmer so you’ll never miss a conversation. 

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