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May 11, 2022

More than a Land Lender: Behind AgAmerica

AgAmerica’s culture is the driving force behind our revolutionary solutions for farm financing.  

AgAmerica was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and mission to provide flexible and customizable farm financing options for American farmers and ranchers across the nation.  

Our employees, or AgAmericans, have a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise that lend to our innovative approach to farm financing, but what drives the foundation of our culture is our mission statement and core values.  

We are revolutionaries, learners, farmer-focused, family-oriented, and competitors.  

Our deep admiration and respect for American agriculture and rural land ownership are found within every segment of our organization. This farmer-focused perspective keeps us grounded and focused on what matters most—providing innovative financing solutions to ensure the future of American agriculture is bright.

The difference in working with AgAmerica can be attributed to many different aspects of our company, including our flexible financing, relationship-centered approach, and insightful ag resources. Still, it’s our AgAmericans that make the most significant impact. 

“Most companies will tell you how much they value their people and their customers, but at AgAmerica these values are much more than just words on the walls. The culture is strong and real, and the execution of the mission statement is second to none.”

John Culbreth, Chief Accounting Officer

Supporting the Future of American Agriculture with a Hands-On Approach to Farm Financing  

When you work with AgAmerica, you work with people who have a true passion for supporting American agriculture and keeping land ownership in the hands of American farm families. These characteristics ignite the spark of innovation that propels us to create revolutionary solutions in a traditional industry.  

“Our job is to provide financial support to farmers across the country so that they can focus on what’s really important—feeding our nation.”

Brian Philpot, AgAmerica’s President & CEO

We accomplish this goal of supporting landowners across the country through our boots-on-the-ground team of relationship managers. We understand that agriculture varies immensely across regions and strong relationships can provide value in meaningful ways. These AgAmericans—without territorial constraints—are dedicated to meeting landowners in their hometowns, gaining unique perspectives and insights into their operations that can help us customize unique farm financing options that support the future of each individual operation. 

Along with our regional managers, we have three office locations across the country that help connect us all together to support each other and landowners across the nation. We place significant importance on our company culture to ensure that every AgAmerican is tied to our mission and core values.  

How AgAmerica’s Company Culture Supports Stronger Farm Financing Solutions

Without a unified culture centered around the American farmer and landowner, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the innovative products and services that are changing how farm financing is done. That entrepreneurial spirit that built AgAmerica initially has only grown stronger today. We believe in creating a space for big-picture thinking, healthy risk-taking, and innovative problem-solving.  

“Our job is to provide financial support to farmers across the country so that they can focus on what’s really important—feeding our nation.”

Brian Philpot, AgAmerica’s President & CEO

Through our extensive onboarding and training programs, company reconnects, and team-building activities—AgAmericans thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative work culture that is centered around helping the American farmer and enhancing the client experience.  

More than a Land Lender  

Through our new video series, AgAmericans: Driving Change Through Purpose, we bring the faces behind AgAmerica to life and dive into the internal culture that makes working with us so meaningful. Our AgAmericans define who we are and how we’re making an impact every day in American agriculture. In this video series, you can learn more about how our core values drive what we do, what it takes to become an AgAmerican, and how we’re financing the future of agriculture across America one farm loan at a time.   

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