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February 10, 2017

Power of 10: Telling the Story of Our Agricultural Line Of Credit

AgAmerica’s agricultural line of credit offers a host of benefits, but don’t just take our word for it; see what agribusiness owners are saying about the success they’ve had with our 10-year LOC.

At AgAmerica, we’re pretty proud of our custom loan packages, especially when they include our agricultural line of credit (LOC). We know it’s a unique product in ag lending that offers many benefits to the agribusinesses that take advantage of it. We think our clients do a great job describing the successes they’ve found using our 10-year LOC, so we’re sharing their stories with you. Read some of the testimonials from real customers below to uncover all the ways our 10-year line of credit can help you and your agribusiness.

Stories That Reveal the Benefits of Our Agricultural Line Of Credit

It’s a One-of-a-Kind Loan Product

AgAmerica’s agricultural line of credit is unique to the industry. Just ask James McClellan, a Florida hay farmer, who looked to AgAmerica to finance his family’s dream home. The mortgage loan package came with a 10-year LOC, something McClellan found only with AgAmerica. “The term loan we received combined with the 10-year line of credit was unique to AgAmerica – not offered by other lenders we spoke with,” McClellan shares.

Borrowing from the 10-year Line of Credit is Easy

Getting the necessary funds from AgAmerica’s agricultural line of credit is simple, and it’s unrestricted by all the terms and conditions—such as mandatory resting periods or non-use fees—that other lenders make you follow. Audrey Bullard, a Florida timber & row crop farmer got a 10-Year LOC as part of her loan package, and said, “I have drawn from the line of credit and the funds arrived timely and without a glitch. AgAmerica does a great job procuring the loan and servicing it after the closing.”

Our Line of Credit Offers Great Rates and No Annual Paperwork Renewals for 10 Years

Other lenders may offer an agricultural line of credit, but the rates and terms you’ll get are nothing close to the superb rates and term of AgAmerica’s 10-year LOC. “I buy and sell land and timber in Georgia and Alabama,” shared Mike Dawson, a Georgia hay & timber farmer.I had been dealing with a local bank on my line of credit, but with higher interest rates and aggravation. With AgAmerica’s 10-year line, I enjoy a lower rate and the convenience of not having to submit paperwork every year.”

AgAmerica’s Agricultural Line Of Credit is the Complete Package

Our agricultural line of credit offers not just one or two benefits, but multiple benefits—like low rates and fair terms—all for 10 years. Rodney Alldredge, a Georgia cattle & hay operator, enjoys all the benefits of AgAmerica’s line of credit. “I’m very satisfied with AgAmerica’s 10-year interest-only line of credit,” he shared. “It works like they say it works. It’s easy to access the funds, the money arrives very quickly to my account, and at a very reasonable rate. This year, I’ve been using the line to buy cattle for my operation. And with no annual paperwork renewals, and no prepayment penalties – I’m sure I will appreciate it even more in years to come.”

Ready to hear more? Schedule an appointment with the AgAmerica Lending team to explore all the options we have for you and your agribusiness.

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