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August 28, 2018

Commodity Focus: Where to start your operation with a peach farm loan

Choosing a locale for your peach orchard is as important as getting a peach farm loan; find out what to look for.

Peaches are a summertime favorite that continue to grow in popularity. High demand for peaches makes starting an orchard with a peach farm loan a smart choice. Good planning will pay out in the long run, so you’ll want to take some time to consider the best location for your peach farm. Before you can consider the peach variety you’ll grow or the layout of your orchard, you’ll have to choose a location. Use the points below to make the most of your peach farm loan and choose the best site for your orchard.

Choose Your Peach Farm State

Peaches are grown in nearly half the states in the U.S., but the Southeast offers the most opportunities. Each state has its own advantages and challenges when it comes to growing peaches.

  • South Carolina. South Carolina is second in peach production in the U.S., and they claim to produce the sweetest, tastiest peaches. Since peaches are a main commodity in South Carolina, there is a lot of knowledge and Extension support concerning peach production, and the networks and infrastructure are already in place to help make a new peach orchard a success. Farm land values are lower than any other major peach-growing state, according to USDA Land Values 2015 data.
  • Georgia. Georgia’s peach production has leveled off since its height in the 1920s, but Georgia offers a strong ag industry, and Georgia still the third largest producer of the stone fruit. Farm land values are still relatively lower than other peach production states—like California and New Jersey—and Extension services and ag networks are solid.
  • Florida. Even though peaches were first planted in St. Augustine, commercial peaches are a relative newcomer in The Sunshine State as citrus growers turn to other cash crops in light of citrus greening. While the research and Extension for peaches is in its infancy stage, a peach orchard in Florida would see a lot of opportunity by getting in on the ground floor.

Looking for the Perfect Peach Farm Loan Location

Next you’ll have to consider the soil needs and chill hours of your chosen peach variety, based on the location of your peach farm. Each peach variety has varying soils needs and different chill hour requirements. The further south you go, the fewer chill hours your peaches will get, so you’ll want to choose peach varieties that match the climate of your peach orchard location. Lastly, you’ll also have to choose a lender for your peach farm loan.

As experts in land lending, AgAmerica Lending is able to create custom loan packages for peach growers and other producers in every state in the country. We offer custom loan packages that include low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.

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