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December 18, 2019

Check it Out: The Female Farmer Project

Female-operated U.S. farms have almost tripled over the past three decades.

The Female Farmer Project, created by photographer, Audra Gaines Mulkern, is a celebration of this movement: the rise of women in agriculture.

Recently featured on the Huffington Post, the Female Farmer Project, is “an ongoing documentation through photography and story of the rise of women in farming. It is a beautiful and powerful collection of stories of women who create change in our food systems” (Brad Puet, The Female Farmer Project, Follow Brad on Twitter).

Click here to view this amazing collection of women making meaningful change in the agriculture industry. You’ll also find more information regarding the intention for this special project, as well as more on the woman behind its creation.

But one installment just wasn’t enough to share all of the stories, which are so colorfully captured by Audra. Look here for an additional installment of photos, featuring female farmers working hard at what they love to do.

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