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Farm Loan Calculator

Compare various loan terms, including amortized and interest-only options, to find the best fit for your operation. Use AgAmerica's interactive farm loan calculator to estimate your farm loan payments.

Calculate Your Land Loan Payments

Estimate your loan payment and schedule based on our flexible rates and loan terms.
Your Estimated Interest-Only Payment*
Estimated Monthly Payment $6,250
Estimated Annual Payment $75,000

Interest-Only Loans with AgAmerica Pivot™

Tap into the freedom and flexibility of interest-only payments to help you build long term success.

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*Actual loan payments and terms depicted by AgAmerica's Farm Loan Calculator are estimates only and may vary depending on the interest rate, closing date, and other factors.

Farm Loan Calculator
FAQs: Loan Payment Calculator and Financing

Supporting American agriculture is at the heart of what we do. Explore our FAQs to learn more about our competitive finance terms and flexible farm loans.

AgAmerica’s unique spectrum of land loan products have terms that can range from 18 months to 30 years. While the specific terms vary by product, you can have confidence that every loan package is custom-built with your financial goals in mind.

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