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July 29, 2021

2021 Cropland Investment Report

Forty years ago, the gap between average cropland values and capitalized value widened drastically. High interest rates and shrinking net farm income led to a marked decline in capitalized value. Fortunately, over the next several decades, the gap narrowed, making U.S. cropland a profitable investment once more. Now, the gap is widening again—but this time in reverse.



Learn more about the historical trends and benefits of cropland investment, such as its ability to provide a hedge against recession and inflation, along with the strengths and challenges that come with cropland ownership in each major U.S. region. In this report, you will find:  

  • Benefits of farmland ownership;  
  • Factors to consider during cropland valuation; 
  • Cropland values trends and return rates in the last decade; and 
  • Regional cropland investment outlooks for 2022. 


Please complete the request form to receive your free copy of the U.S. Cropland Investment Report with data-packed insights from AgAmerica’s Chief Economist Dr. John Penson. 

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