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Farm Equipment Leasing

Flexible leasing solutions for farm equipment and infrastructure to help Rural America thrive.

Maximize Your Growth with AgAmerica Leasing

There’s a variety of technology and incentives out there to make your job as a rural landowner easier, more efficient, and more profitable. Unfortunately, too often a lack of access to resources inhibits potential growth. AgAmerica’s farm equipment and facilities leasing program was designed to pave a path for you to explore new ways to level up your operation without a long-term capital commitment.

AgAmerica Leasing Options

Leasing Program Benefits

Why Lease Farm Equipment and Infrastructure?

Farm equipment leasing provides an alternative path that gives you more options outside of long-term ownership—including buying, trading, renewing, or returning—in addition to several key benefits.

Leasing equipment for your farm means you are protected from losing equity on an asset that is known to depreciate rapidly.


We want to make the process of applying for a farm equipment lease as easy as possible for you. Let us help by answering some of your commonly asked questions.

We offer both tax leases and conditional sales leases. Tax leases include end-of-term options like purchase renewal only (PRO) and fixed purchase option (FPO). Conditional sales lease, or non-tax leases, mean the client owns the asset with mandatory purchase options.

Explore Your Options

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Financing a Farm Purchase