Refinance Your Agricultural Loan to Lower Your Quarterly or Annual Payments

Reduce Payments and Increase Liquidity Through Farm Debt Consolidation

Farmers and ranchers face countless obstacles throughout the years that are often outside of their control. Despite strategically planned business objectives, unexpected challenges may present roadblocks that cannot be solved through traditional lending.

AgAmerica’s team of financial experts take a hands-on approach when it comes to helping you manage your finances and lending expectations. We take a holistic view of your current farm debt, including operational loans, farm machinery, and land real estate to build a custom loan from our spectrum of lending programs and consolidate your existing debt into one manageable term loan. As a nationwide non-bank land lender, our mission is to help farmers, ranchers, and landowners save money that can be used as a cushion for unforeseen circumstances or reinvestment into future endeavors and operational upgrades.

Strategies to Reduce Semi-Annual or Annual Payments on Agricultural Loans

Lower Your Rate

Periodic changes in your financial situation will often present opportunities for you to refinance and structure new loan terms to better serve your unique financial portfolio. These situations include:

  • An increase in your credit score;
  • A debt payoff;
  • Growth in operational revenue or collateral; or
  • A drop in the interest rates on agriculture loans

Taking all financial factors into consideration, we can refinance your existing farm debt to help consolidate your existing loans to help you access more working capital. We are able to do this through a number of programs that are designed to serve both your short- and long-term needs. If you are not a candidate for a conventional loan or eligible for refinance, we can use a custom alternative loan to help you focus on improving the profitability of your farm or ranch operation in the short term, while building your financial portfolio to leverage stronger loan terms in the future.

Stretch Out Your Loan Payments

Another way you can save on your loan payments is to extend your repayment period or term length. In doing so, your payments are spread out over a longer period of time, helping you to save in the short term. If you desire to pay your debt off sooner, we can work with you to develop custom terms to meet your objectives or take advantage of our no prepayment penalties and pay your loan off early. Refinancing and stretching debt payments can improve your cash flow and current ratio, in turn opening doors to future financing or expansion opportunities.

Consolidate Your Debt

Maintaining payments on multiple loan notes can be a confusing process that ends up becoming a costly mistake. It can be expensive in the long run from the varying interest rates throughout the life of each loan. Debt consolidation can adjust multiple payments into a single note, in turn, helping borrowers pay off farm debt with lower payments. As a nontraditional lender, AgAmerica can work with you to identify the strongest refinance solution to help you pay off your farm debt and consolidate multiple loans into one simple payment.

South Carolina Farmer Recovers From Adverse Weather With $1.7MM Loan

In an effort to overcome a spout of adverse weather that had hurt his profit margins, a fifth-generation South Carolina farmer searched for a way to improve his balance sheet and get back on his feet. AgAmerica’s team of land lending experts developed a custom debt consolidation package that saved him over $116K annually and provided the capital he needed to recover crop losses from prior years.

Agriculture land loan calculator

Next Steps: Calculate Your Estimated Agricultural Loan

American farmers and ranchers are at the heart of our business and the reason we are in it for the long haul. Our mission is to help our farmers thrive during good times and sleep well during tough times. We are committed to going beyond traditional lenders to provide them with the resources, knowledge, and tools needed to make wise financial decisions. If you would like to expand your farm operation or are interested in purchasing land, we encourage you to get started by using our farm loan calculator to create a preliminary assessment of your lending needs. Once you’ve completed your desired calculations, submit the results and a local Relationship Manager will contact you to discuss your operational needs.

Ag Lending Experts Rooted in the Agricultural Industry

For centuries, farmers and ranchers have had to overcome the challenge of working with lenders who lack a firm grasp of the agricultural industry. American farm operations face unmatched obstacles to keep the food supply of our nation secure. We not only recognize these various challenges, but we understand that it’s our responsibility to ease the frictions that exist in traditional lending and alleviate the financial load of the American Farmer. Our commitment to you begins with our “boots on the ground” approach of regional ag lending experts stationed nationwide who are ready to assist you in your endeavors. Many of these AgAmericans were raised within the agricultural community and are deeply rooted in the values of American farmers and ranchers. This firsthand experience of the industry equips our lending team with an integrated understanding of your unique financing needs to develop proactive solutions throughout the lifetime of your loan.