The American Farmer

A Documentary Series

American Farmer: Jamie Johnson

California surfer and avocado rancher, Jamie Johnson, shares his journey of discovering his passion for farming and growing nutrient-dense food for people across the nation and around the world. Watch his inspiring journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the largest avocado growers on the West Coast.

American Farmer: Randy Wheatley

Randy Wheatley’s day starts and ends with agriculture, but between the two shifts, you’ll find him working in the corporate world to help support the medical needs of his son Hatcher. Though agriculture alone hasn’t be able to meet the family’s insurance needs, Randy’s deep passion for the land continues to call him back to the ranch. Hear how agriculture has shaped the family they are today.

American Farmer: Richard Hudson

Farming is more than a job, it’s a way of life and it’s a full-time commitment. No one understands this better than Richard Hudson, a third-generation Georgia farmer who oversees his family’s farm operation and serves as the primary caregiver for his brother and father. Although he’s seen his share of volatile farm seasons, Richard remains focused on growing the operation to sustain his family for years to come.

American Farmer: Jaxyn Wheatley

Hear a sixth-generation Idaho farmer share how being raised on a farm has shaped her work ethic.

The American Farmer

Inspiring short films bringing to light the hard work of American farmers and ranchers.

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