This farm family broke free from rigid lending requirements limiting their growth with AgAmerica’s help. 

Cash receipts for agricultural commodities are predicted to fall $23 billion in 2023. This has big implications for farm income, and many operators are facing low cashflow that limits their growth. Fortunately, AgAmerica’s singular expertise in agriculture and range of financing options enables us to adapt our financing to empower farmers to overcome economic slumps.  

The Challenge 

A family-run pig farm approached AgAmerica for an interest-only loan several years ago after searching for a lender willing to finance their swine facility. They were originally seeking financing to invest in their hog farm and more than 700 acres of cropland where the family planted soybeans and corn. Years later, the old interest-only loan was about to reach maturity, and the family needed to find financing with a longer term so they could begin paying down the principal balance without dealing with large monthly payments that would hinder their cash flow.  

The Solution 

In the years working with AgAmerica, the family had improved their financials and their balance sheet. AgAmerica was able to graduate the family’s short-term interest-only loan to a 30-year amortized product. Additionally, the farmers were able to pay off a loan with another lender who was leaving the agricultural side of lending. Through this strategic restructure, the family was able to leverage a short-term solution to achieve long-term financial success and pay down existing debt