Learn how these Kansas ranchers simplified their finances, purchased land, and lowered their rate—all at the same time.

Farmers and ranchers deal with a sea of complexity in their industry. When it comes to agricultural finance, a lender should be the one helping guide them through financial confusion rather than creating unnecessary waves.  Read how rural landowners across the U.S. are finding ways to simplify their finances with AgAmerica’s spectrum of customizable loan solutions. 

The Challenge

An ambitious landowner, rancher, and businessman was interested in purchasing a new property in Kansas to build upon his family cattle ranch enterprise. The family had a variety of properties in the Midwest and Southern Plains, ranging from cattle to recreational land. His wife helped with many aspects of the day-to-day cattle operations, having grown up in agriculture all her life. Her stepfather taught her the ropes of the trade at a young age, all while managing a cattle ranch of his own. In hope of simplifying their multi-operation enterprise, the family searched for a lender who was able to consolidate their existing debt obligations and provide financing for their potential land purchase with one manageable loan package. 

The Solution

AgAmerica worked closely with the borrowers to create a customized package that helped them achieve their multifaceted goals. The versatile nature of our loan products made it possible to condense their debt into a two-product solution that totaled nearly $2MM. A large portion of the financing was a 30- year term conventional loan, while the rest was an interest-only product that provided the remaining financing needed to buy the desired property—along with a lower interest rate than their current one. This restructuring also allowed the borrowers the option to refinance to an even better rate down the road as the profitability of their operation continued to grow.