Learn how a North Carolina rancher consolidated multiple loans and lowered his interest rate using AgAmerica’s flexible financing options. 

When interest rates rise, so does the cost of securing financing to support your farm. The Fed’s interest rate hike campaign in 2023 is something that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s. With several more hikes expected before the end of 2023, farmers are proactively seeking ways to cut costs to continue feeding the world.  


A North Carolina cattle rancher with more than fifty years of experience returned to AgAmerica to see how we can help him face these recent economic challenges. He had multiple outstanding loans with different pay schedules and interest rates. He wanted to consolidate the debt without losing access to the funds he needed. He needed a single, predictable monthly payment at a lower overall rate but wasn’t sure it was possible. 


Having worked with the borrower for more than two years, AgAmerica was able to quickly review his operation’s financial situation and propose a solution. We created a $20MM five-year draw revolving line of credit (RLOC) to consolidate the borrower’s alternative loan with us and other various loan notes into a simplified conventional loan. This consolidation provided a lower overall interest rate and a predictable monthly pay schedule, giving him greater flexibility and cash flow he can rely on.