An Idaho rancher uses an accelerated land loan to move his cattle operation to Southwest Florida.

Perhaps one of the greatest traits that farmers are known for is their resilience. Each year nearly forty-four percent of farmers and ranchers experience a year-over-year loss in profits. Yet, despite being faced with obstacles that are beyond their control, they remain committed to this way of life. They push forward, develop new strategies, and make difficult decisions all in the name of farming.

The Challenge:

This year, AgAmerica was approached by an Idaho ranching family looking to take a chance on relocating their operation. Though they were unwavering in their commitment to ranching, the growing need for greater profitability began to create challenges, forcing them to take a hard look at their business. After weighing several options, the couple determined that the most viable option for their operation would be to relocate to Southwest Florida. The longer working season presented them with an opportunity to generate more income and expand their cattle operation.

The Solution:

Putting forth 466 acres of their ranch/cropland as collateral, the Idaho couple requested a refinance and cash out loan package to help with the purchase of 1,000 acres in Collier County, FL. With AgAmerica’s assistance, the couple was able to quickly close on a $750K 30-year credit facility.

Upon selling their Idaho cattle and leveraging their land in Idaho, the couple was able to reach their goal of relocating to Florida and expanding their beef cattle operation.