Loan consolidation helps a rancher increase capital to make upgrades to his land and machinery.

Throughout the years, farm and ranch operators experience equipment failures and repairs that over time can add a dent to their profit. Studies show that on average, 16 percent of crop value returns to the operation as an investment in equipment. When combined with destructive weather, unpredictable commodity pricing, and strict regulatory obligations, the financial burden becomes heavier than what an operation can comfortably carry.

The Challenge:

A Washington state rancher came to AgAmerica with the desire to generate additional income by leasing his land to a neighboring cattle rancher. In order to move forward with the leasing opportunity, the rancher needed access to working capital to help fund improvements to equipment, irrigation, and fire retention zones on his property.

The Solution:

With the help of an AgAmerica Relationship Manager, the rancher received a $300K debt consolidation loan that provided a longer amortization period and cashout option. In Addition, our Relationship Manager was able to help the rancher qualify for our Accelerate Program, which is designed to offer farmers, ranchers, and landowners a fast-track underwriting and closing process­ to reduce their time away from their operations. The Washington rancher now has the financial flexibility to make the necessary property and equipment upgrades.

As the largest, non-bank agricultural lender in the U.S., AgAmerica has the flexibility to offer farmers and ranchers the opportunity to work with trusted advisors to refinance debt and create long-term solutions for their operational needs. Speak to one of our Relationship Managers to learn more about our flexible financing.