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June 24, 2014

AgAmerica Farm Loan Examples

Many beginning farmers turn to agricultural loans in order to launch their agricultural operations, while seasoned farmers rely on loans to replace equipment, expand their operations, get quick financing when disaster hits, and/or score opportunities that traditional banks just don’t have the means to finance.

Whether you are planning to start/expand a farm or you just need help covering typical expenses, such as purchasing livestock and equipment, AgAmerica Lending has you covered. As we all know, running a farm is expensive. AgAmerica recognizes this fact and offers farmers low-interest farm loans unmatched by most other agricultural loan programs.

If you’re curious about the capabilities of these special ag loans, here’s three examples of farmers that benefited from AgAmerica Lending.

  1. By taking a global look at a South Carolina farmer’s finances, we were able to use the equity in his timberland to fund a new agricultural project. Through AgAmerica Lending, we were able to get this timberland owner the cash needed to build a much-needed barn on his South Carolina agriculture property.
  2. We funded a $675,000 25-year Amortization/15-year term citrus loan with a rate of interest of 3.17% (1-Month LIBOR), plus added a line of credit for $225,000 with a rate of interest of 2.63%. Through AgAmerica Lending, we were able to lower this borrower’s rate of interest and also, offer the citrus owner cash at closing.
  3. We financed a$857K farm loan to help a South Florida farmer purchase a mango grove. The AgAmerica lending team was able to underwrite and approve the agricultural loan within the quick time frame of the purchase contract. The fast, flexible farmland financing allowed this mango farmer to get his agricultural operation up and running so as to guarantee a sweet summer harvest.

For more information on our AgAmerica farm loans and how they can benefit your agricultural operation, visit our FAQs page.

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