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September 25, 2013

AgAmerica’s Transitional Loan Program is Here to Support the Future of American Agriculture

Learn how AgAmerica is filling the gaps of traditional financing—one transitional loan at a time.

Here at AgAmerica, we recognize the need for disruptive financing solutions in an industry where financing is often falling short of the farmer’s needs. We provide a variety of transitional loan products that are designed with the flexibility landowners need to adapt and evolve in a volatile yet essential industry.

What is a Transitional Loan?

Our transitional loan products through the AgAmerica Pivot™ program provide funding that allows borrowers the ability to receive the fast and flexible funding they need when opportunities or situations arise. The low documentation process is often less time-consuming than a standard bank loan and can provide borrowers with streamlined flexibility when they need it.

These types of transitional loans are typically nonconventional, with fixed or floating rates to provide short-term capital with a long-term game plan in place. Transitional loans are applicable for the following property types and cases:

  • Vacant Land, including Ag and Timberland Loans
  • Investment Rural Real Estate Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Intermediate Loans
  • Other Consumer Loans secured by Approved Collateral
  • Refinance/Debt Consolidation

How We Help Farmers Finance Their Operations During Challenging Years

As a company with over 300 years of combined agricultural lending experience on our leadership team alone, our loan underwriting and property appraisal experience was designed with the farmer in mind to ensure that their financing is completed in a swift, steadfast fashion. We are constantly seeking ways to enhance the agricultural financing space by offering simplified and customizable financing solutions in a complex industry where time is of the essence!

AgAmerica is one of the leading agricultural land lenders in the nation, offering a spectrum of loan solutions that support the long-term success of farmers, ranchers, and landowners nationwide. By focusing on rural real estate financing, we can provide flexible loan solutions that empower farmers with the resources they need to reduce their loan payments, finance new operations, purchase land, consolidate and refinance farm debts, upgrade farm equipment, and increase working capital. 

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