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5 Farmers’ Market Tips for First-Timers

Have you decided to try selling your products at farmers’ markets?

Smart call. The farmers’ market scene is still on an upward trend, as more and more consumers want local, farm-to-table foods.

As with any agribusiness, selling at a farmers’ market should involve a strategy. Here are 5 tips for farmers’ market first-timers:

  1. Do Your Homework: Identify potential farmers’ markets that attract your target market. Every market has a unique vibe, social scene, and customer-base. Is enough of your target market in attendance to justify your own attendance? To figure out if a market aligns with your own vibe and business objectives, attend the market as a consumer. Talk to other growers and consumers while there to really get a feel for the scene. Also, research individual market rules and expectations to make sure you can get behind the regulations. Some markets place limitations on what you can sell, so be sure to do your research!
  2. Less is More to Start: Before you go all out, sample the farmers’ market scene. Don’t invest too much time or money until you are convinced that a market experience will be worth your while. To start, try to find a market where you can sell as a “daily vendor,” meaning a minimal commitment. Consider this period a trial run. Determine if selling at the market will be worth it in terms of resources, costs, and sales.
  3. Carve Out Your Niche: You can’t please them all! Set yourself apart from the other vendors by carving out your niche. This often means offering a crop/product that is in high demand, but has low competition. Other times, this means specializing in a particular product, offering up only the best of the best. It could also mean getting innovative with your approach by uniquely packaging your products. For example, a lot of farmers may be selling red, ripe apples this fall. What if you sold red apples, along with your recipe for apple cider?
  4. Stand Out: Yes, pun intended. Be sure that the design of your stand is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Connect: Your vibe matters. Be accessible, available, and helpful. Share fun facts about your farm, information about your products, and relevant recipes with customers. Encourage your customers to follow you via social media to stay up-to-date with your whereabouts, deals, and news. The deeper you connect, the more loyal your customers will be.

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