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October 30, 2019

Fertilizing: Now or Later?

Best season to fertilize farmland.

Some say fall.

Some claim spring.

Who’s right? Should you go with now…or later?

Well, according to the September Kiplinger report, it might be more economical to go ahead and fertilize now, while fall is in the air. As they say, “there’s no time like the present.”

But why autumn? What’s the payoff?

In the age of soaring fertilizer costs, the payoff is big. Fertilizing now secures maximal gain in yields, while also proving more budget friendly.

Here are a few reasons why the time is now to fertilize:

  • Labor and machines are often more available during the fall season before topsoil freezes.
  • In fall, the soil is drier, which results in less compaction by machinery (a yield problem).
  • Rain is typically less abundant during fall, so more fertilizer is preserved on the fields.
  • Given your fields are tilled, fertilizing pre-tillage better distributes your product in the soil, helping to maximize yields.
  • Fertilizer stocks are typically larger and cheaper in autumn.

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