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September 10, 2019

Power of 10: 10 Wild Game to Hunt in the Southeast this Fall

If you’re ready for hunting season, make sure your tags are in order for these top 10 wild game to hunt this fall in the Southeast.

As the calendar turns towards fall, many people look forward to the beginning of hunting season. While every state in the U.S. offers hunting of some kind, the Southeast is prime hunting grounds due to temperate weather that makes for plentiful game. Also, the season for some game starts earlier than states to the north. Check out the top 10 wild game to hunt in the Southeast, and make hunting plans now!

Top 10 Wild Game to Bag This Fall

  1. White Tail Deer. Deer are likely the first game that come to mind for a hunter in the Southeast when hunting season arrives. Archery season in Florida for deer starts as soon as July in some parts of the state, though for most it’s in September and October, with a second season later in the year; it’s similar in Georgia, South Carolina, and most other states in the Southeast. A good rule of thumb is the season is likely to start later in the fall—and run later in the year—the further north you are, with gun season starting the latest. Additionally, many states have a crossbow and/or muzzleloader/black powder portion of the season as well.
  2. Wild Hogs. Many states in the Southeast are experiencing problems with wild hogs overpopulating the land and running amok. In Florida, for instance, there aren’t many restrictions for hunting them or even daily bag limits. In Alabama, however, you can hunt them with dogs from the beginning of May to the end of August on private land only.
  3. Turkey. Wild turkey is another game that are high on any hunter’s list. Some states, like Florida, have a fall and spring turkey hunt; others, like Georgia and South Carolina, only have a spring hunting season for those wily and elusive gobblers.
  4. Osceola Turkey. This turkey is one of five subspecies of turkey found in the U.S., and it’s found only in Florida. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the bird’s rarity makes it a favorite of hunters.
  5. Gator. A unique game, there is a gator season in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Permits are usually issued based on land ownership or through a lottery.
  6. Bear. Many hunters dream of hunting black bear at least once. Similar to deer season, many states start off bear hunting season by first opening the season to archery, then muzzleloaders, and then guns. For instance, Tennessee opens bear season in late September, and it runs through December depending upon the weapon and state zone the hunter is in.
  7. Quail. Another favorite game bird, quail are often hunted with dogs to put the birds up into the air. Southeastern states with a quail season include Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina.
  8. Rabbit. Rabbits are the first game that many individuals take when starting out in hunting. There are rabbit seasons in all states of the Southeast, usually starting in October or November.
  9. Duck. Ducks are another favorite game to hunt with your dog, mostly because few hunters want to go in the water after a downed duck, but dogs are always willing. Most states offer a duck hunting season starting in November.
  10. Other Birds. Other waterfowl and migratory birds that make for good hunting include Dove, Canada Geese, Moorhens, Snipes, and Coots.

Check out these state-specific hunting resources as you prepare for hunting season:

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