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Recreational Land Serves Hunters, Farmers, Wildlife

Discover how AgAmerica Lending’s recreational land loans can help you make smart investments.

Spring turkey season is here, but you may notice there are fewer places to hunt as the amount of available public recreational land is declining. To combat this issue, consider acquiring a recreational land loan from AgAmerica Lending, allowing you to preserve land in a way that benefits you and your family while helping cultivate wildlife habitats.

For example, AgAmerica recently helped a Florida-based businessman and his wife fund a purchase of 780 acres with a low interest rate term loan. We were also able to assist a Georgia outdoorsman with the refinancing of a 210-acre property where he focuses on promoting ethical hunting and developing a healthy population of mature whitetail deer, turkey, and other game. AgAmerica helped this client by fitting him with a 15-year term loan and 10-year revolving line of credit, and as a result, he’s looking forward to sharing this land with friends and family for years to come.

Those looking to attract more wildlife on their land (which will also attract fellow hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts) should consider thinning and burning timber lands, creating field borders or buffer strips around crops, and leaving brushy hedgerows that will provide food and shelter for the animals. Creating brush piles, planting fruit trees and shrubs, and providing access to water sources are also productive practices.

Along with creating a hospitable and welcoming environment for wildlife, those with recreational land can lease portions of their property to farmers – a mutually beneficial situation.

If you’re ready to discuss a recreational land loan, contact AgAmerica today to talk with a team member and learn more about the company’s products, mission, and success stories.

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