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August 15, 2015

Never Fear, Technology is Here! Smartphone Apps for Today’s Farmer

There are an estimated 4.55 billion smartphone users in the world and that includes many farmers. More and more, app developers are recognizing opportunities to help advance agriculture through technology.  As America’s land lenders, we want to help growers and rural land owners stay informed on the latest and greatest for apps that can help you manage your ag operation. Let’s take a look at some of these smartphone apps and how they are changing the way America farms.

#1) Weather Underground.  This app gives all of the other weather apps a run for their money. It provides valuable information about temperature, visibility, and humidity along with forecasts down to the hour.

#2) Virtual Farm Manager.  This subscription-based service helps the farmer store, view, and log information about their fields. What’s most important about this app is that it was developed by farmers Jacob Fannik of Max, N.D., and Ryan Raguse of Wheaton, Minn.

#3) Livestock Manager.  Several mobile apps are targeted to livestock producers. The Livestock Manager app allows users to track various information about their animals, including parentage, transport information, medicine administration and more.

#4) Bayer Weed Spotter. Weeds can quickly take over many delicate crops. It is important to identify the type of weed before developing a treatment plan. The Bayer Weed Spotter was the winner of the “Crops” magazine app test and proved successful in identifying several types of weeds.

#5) CheckIT. The CheckIT app helps farmers identify nutrient deficiencies in crops. The app doesn’t stop there. It also hosts a solutions center where farmers can find resources for identifying symptoms and suggestions for resolution.

#6) My Soil PH. Even in the dry Florida climate, soil is key to success for many crops. Starting with the right soil PH is critical for plant health. This app shares the proper PH for several species of plants. Results can be saved or printed for future use.

#7) iCropTrak. This mobile app offers flexible map-centric scouting, sampling, and field data for any crop type. It works even while it’s disconnected, in multiple languages, and connects to the iCropTrak Cloud.

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