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November 30, 2015

The Land Lenders Talk Top Agriculture Commodities in Georgia

Georgia has a lot to offer when it comes to agriculture, both to those in Georgia and to the rest of the country. The stats show that one in seven Georgia residents is involved in agriculture, forestry or related fields, and the industry contributes over $72 billion to the state’s economy. With a warm, temperate climate, Georgia farmers and ranchers enjoy an exceptionally long growing season. Take a peek at Georgia’s top commodities and ag numbers.

Top Commodities in Georgia

Georgia is well-known for peaches, but that particular stone fruit was only the 10th most important produce in the state (based on farm-gate value) in 2013. Native Georgians will tell you that their peaches are best known for quality, not quantity! Georgia’s top commodity was broilers (chickens), followed by cotton, eggs, beef, and timber.

Rounding out the remaining top 12 commodities in Georgia were corn, peanuts, dairy, horses, pecans, blueberries, and greenhouse products. However, there are many different aspects to ag in the Peach State, and the Georgia Farm Bureau boasts that “virtually any crop or animal can be grown successfully somewhere within the state!”

Georgia’s Ag Importance to the Nation

Ag produce and products from Georgia go all over the country. Georgia consistently ranks first in the production of peanuts, broilers, pecans, and blueberries. In 2012 alone, Georgia farmers produced3.2 billion pounds of peanuts.

The state is also at the center of the Southeast’s rise in the timber industry, as Georgia has more commercial timberland—over 24 million acres—than any other state.

Agriculture has a lot to offer Georgia— it’s the largest industry in the state—you can find the exact stats at Georgia’s Farm Bureau. We at AgAmerica Lending have a lot to offer those in agriculture, in Georgia and the rest of the country. We help farms and ranches grow and thrive with agriculture lending that includes low-interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.

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