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Timberland Conversion

To ensure the profitability of your property, it pays to assess and determine the proper use for your land. Many landowners have discovered that dividing their land for different uses boosts profit by establishing a complimentary cash flow.

Does it make sense to divide and convert your land?

The answer to that question depends on a multitude of factors:

  • Location
  • Soil type
  • Water supply, and
  • Topography

Suffice it to say, many variables come into play.

That all being said, timberland conversion is all the rave these days, especially in Southeast regions, where timberland is readily available and there is a shortage of farmland. For this reason, there are many instances of converting timberland into farmland and the phenomenon is only expected to continue. As the drought persists in the West and regions of the Midwest, timberland conversions are expected to increase as the demand for irrigated farmland in the Southeast increases.

Bottom-line: Land conversion is definitely a viable, even popular, option today should the conversion analysis appear favorable.

If it does seem favorable, all that’s required is the right type of farmer to do the job. If you’re that farmer – if you have successfully evaluated your timberland and deemed it optimal for conversion – consider AgAmerica, a leader in ag lending, your farmland financing resource.

Our AgAmerica farm loans cover all facets of farming. Whether it’s time to convert your timberland or plant timber, these ag loans – with interest rates that often beat all other agriculture loan programs – are a great choice. Contact us to learn more!

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