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October 11, 2015

The Nation’s Premier Land Lender Talks Oregon Agriculture

Oregon is a state with diverse lands and a love for agriculture. It was the fourth state for organic sales in the U.S. in 2014, and it boasts one of the most diverse ag regions in the world— the Willamette Valley— where over 170 different crops are produced in the state’s northwest inland region, complementing the state’s wide range of products and produce. From its western shores to its southern hills and mountains, to the rangelands of eastern Oregon, the products that are grown and harvested vary from the usual to the unique. As the nation’s premier land lender, we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of booming regions and commodities. Here’s a quick look at agricultural land and commodities of Oregon:

Top Commodities

Oregon offers a plethora of agrarian commodities due to the diversity in the region. However, the main commodities in The Beaver State are shared with many other ag-centric states across the country. For instance, according to the Facts & Figures report on Oregon Agriculture, released July 2015, beef cattle were Oregon’s top commodity in 2014, with most operations in the southeast and northeast corners of the state. Similarly, dairy was another main commodity, fourth overall, with coastal dairy farms making famous cheeses, and one of the nation’s largest dairy operations located in the Columbia Plateau.

Hay was the third main commodity in Oregon, with hay production on-going in most parts of the state. Grass Seed and Wheat were the fifth and sixth main products, respectively; principal production areas include the Columbia Plateau due to the irrigation provided by the Columbia River and the Willamette Valley. Lastly, as the second-largest commodity in Oregon, greenhouse and nursery products are cultivated among the diverse products of the Willamette Valley.

Top Agriculture Counties

The diverse offerings and intense richness of the Willamette Valley make the area’s counties some of the top agrarian producers. According to the 2014 Facts & Figures report, Marion County, at the heart of the Willamette Valley’s greenhouse and nursery industry, was the leading ag-producing county in the state in 2013, with Clackamas to the north and Linn to the south coming in at fifth and sixth, respectively. The wheat fields, alfalfa, potatoes, onions, watermelons, wine grapes and other vegetable and fruit fields made Umatilla and Morrow Counties the second and third highest producers in Oregon, respectively. For fourth place, the state’s cattle operation makes its mark in Malheur County—the leading county in Cattle & Calves in 2012—in the cattle-dense southeast corner of the state.

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