Learn how a Southeast farm family prepared their operation for the next generation by improving loan terms and securing additional cash flow.  

For many American farm families, agriculture has been in their blood for generations. AgAmerica works closely with these families to ensure the operation is prepared to be passed along when the time comes. 

The Challenge 

Two brothers in South Carolina began working on their third-generation family produce operation in the 1970s. Over the years, they focused on the growth and evolution of their operation by diversifying their crops and earning their organic certification. With a focus on sustainability, they grow a variety of specialty crops, including peaches, asparagus, squash, strawberries, and tomatoes. The brothers were interested in refinancing existing debt and securing additional working capital to strengthen their farm finances for future generations.   

The Solution 

AgAmerica simplified and restructured their existing debt into a 30-year fixed loan facility. In addition to consolidating existing debt, the borrowers also secured a 10-year RLOC that equipped them with flexible capital to support future growth endeavors as they prepared the next generation to take over their family operation.