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January 10, 2018

In the Pasture: Ranch Land Management Challenges and Resources

Ranch land management challenges are many, but there are solutions for every obstacle.

The challenges of ranch land management are many, but the resourcefulness of the country’s cattlemen and women means no problem is insurmountable. Relying on a blending of tradition and innovation, cattle operations find ways to face the challenges of ranch land management and continue to prosper. We’ve rounded up some of the greatest hurdles as well as supplied resources and solutions below.

Ranch Land Management Hurdles

Challenge: A Low Cattle Carrying Capacity. As is, there are only so many head of cattle that any parcel of land can support. However, the more head a cattle operation can run in the same space—without affecting herd health or quality—the better for the operation’s bottom line.

Solution: Invest time and effort in understanding soil health and forage options. Your local Extension services are a definite resource for this information.

Challenge: Plant, Insect and Organism Pests. The number and nature of pests that affect ranch lands are numerous and diverse. Fighting a particular poisonous plant or forage-damaging insect alone and without all the necessary information can cost a lot of time and money, producing few results.

Solution: Again, Extension services likely have the research and statistics regarding best practices for overcoming ranch land pests, but ranch operations should take it a step further. Talking with neighboring ranches and making plans to consolidate pest eradication efforts can increase the success of any pest control plan.

Challenge: The Cost of Ranch Land Management Efforts. Land may be an asset that doesn’t move, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t change or require inputs. The costs of land management efforts—from fencing and land clearing, to developing water access and improving the soil—can catch operators by surprise.

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