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February 19, 2016

Land Lenders offer Farm Lending Tips for Hot Crops in North Carolina

North Carolina contains three distinct ag regions that have varying climates and soils, offering diverse opportunities for farmers and ranchers to expand with a North Carolina land loan. There’s the Appalachian Mountains region to the west, the Piedmont region in the center of the state and the Coastal Plains to the east. With a warm climate, mild winters and a multitude of soil varieties, North Carolina’s ag producers grow and raise a wide range of produce and products, according to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

For those in, or looking to transition to, North Carolina’s ag industry, we offer these lending tips.

  1. Leading commodities can be a sound investment. Certain commodities gravitate to the top of the state’s list because they are well suited to the state’s climate and the commodities themselves are in great demand. Tobacco, the state’s ninth most lucrative commodity, is a prime example of this. North Carolina leads the country in tobacco production; it’s an in-demand crop that does well in the Tarheel State’s warm climate and long growing season. The top five commodities in North Carolina are, from first to fifth, broiler chickens, cattle and calves, corn, cotton, and eggs.
  2. Be prepared for changes in the market. Agriculture is a quickly changing industry. For instance, tobacco may be an important commodity today, but the decline of its use for recreation will mean that demand will decline. However, there are other opportunities to be had. For instance, soybeans are the 7th most popular commodity, and their value is growing nation-wide as the demand for biofuel made from soybeans continues to grow. Similarly, both sweet potatoes and turkeys—North Carolina’s 8th and 10th top commodities— are in-demand among health-conscious consumers. North Carolina ranked 1st in the country in both sweet potatoes and 2nd in turkeys.
  3. Have the financial ability to answer when opportunity knocks. Opportunities abound in North Carolina’s ag industry, but only if you are fiscally able to take advantage when new prospects arise. Having a working relationship with your land lender is key to financial flexibility.

We understand the challenges of those in the ag industry, and we tailor our farm lending accordingly. As the land loan specialists, we are helping the country’s ag producers grow and prosper with our low-interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.

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