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September 12, 2022

The Soundtrack of the American Farmer: Celebrating National Farmer’s Day 

Over the past few years, American farmers have faced unique challenges ranging from severe weather to rising input costs. National Farmer’s Day represents a small token of the nation’s appreciation for their efforts and a reminder to the community of the importance of this way of life. It is a dedicated time where people from all walks of life join together to show support for our nation’s farmers and ranchers. 

As awareness for the work of American farmers and ranchers grows, so does a desire to hear their inspiring stories of resilience, dedication, and passion. 

At AgAmerica, National Farmer’s Day is an opportunity to highlight the many stories that make up the fabric of agriculture. As a result of the pandemic, AgAmerica noticed that the online farmer community was growing rapidly along with a growing desire from community members to learn about the stories behind their food. Last year, with this in mind, AgAmerica highlighted the stories of farmers by conducting a nationwide outreach contest where we asked farmers to share their stories and tell us what agriculture means to them. One thing that stood out was that the majority of responses indicated that it wasn’t the contest that incentivized participation, but rather a strong desire to advocate for the future of agriculture. 

As we thought about this year’s celebration, we wanted to continue providing a platform for farmers and ranchers to share their own stories. And what better way to do that than with a country music contest? This year, AgAmerica is partnering with Nashville music venue Whiskey Jam and our AgAmericans to amplify the voices of rural Americans and celebrate their way of life.  

Why: Advocating for the American Farmer Through Storytelling 

Farming is essential to our nation’s food security, rural economy, and labor force. Agricultural advocacy is a huge part of ensuring these things stay protected.  

One of the most powerful ways to advocate for the ag industry is through sharing farmer stories—and peeling back the curtain on the inspiring lives of American farmers and ranchers. 

Stories allow people to connect and develop a deeper understanding of all that farmers go through to feed our world.  

With fewer Americans entering the ag industry, it is critical to support its future by keeping our farmer pipeline strong for generations to come.  

What: The Soundtrack of the American Farmer 

If agriculture is the backbone of this nation, then country music is its heartbeat.  

For farmers across the nation, country music is their soundtrack. Whether listening to it while in the tractor, fixing equipment, or doing office work, it is engrained in the fabric of countless operations. 

For many farmers and ranchers across the nation, country music serves as an inspiration and reflection of the values they hold so dearly. The songs of country music connect the ag community by telling real, authentic stories. It is a way for farmers and ranchers to feel empowered and connected to a broader community. 

How: Share Your Favorite Country Song 

Leading up to National Farmer’s Day, AgAmerica is asking farmers from across our nation to share the songs that make up the soundtrack of their operations for our curated Spotify playlist.  

This collection of inspiring songs will shine a light on the people, places, and music at the heart of our nation. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a contest. By sharing their favorite country song, they will have a chance to win an all-inclusive Music City Experience, with two VIP passes to a show at Whiskey Jam. 

With the help of farmers across the nation, this playlist will help forge connections across the ag community and create a tapestry of farmer stories told through the authentic and unified voice of country music.  

Submit your favorite country song today for a chance to win and be featured on AgAmerica’s exclusive Spotify playlist. 

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