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August 30, 2018

Top Crops for Alabama Land Loans

There’s a number of crops that would be a smart move to plant with your Alabama land loan

Agriculture is big in Alabama. Along with forestry, agriculture is the top industry in the state. The range of crops that would complement Alabama’s environment are numerous. Read below to explore the top crops to grow with Alabama land loans.

The Agricultural Advantages of Alabama

As a southeastern state, Alabama enjoys a subtropical climate. It offers hot summers, mild winters and a good amount of rain all throughout the year. The state’s weather is perfect for agriculture, and the state boasts a growing season up to 300 days long in its southern regions. The state of Alabama features over 40,000 farms across nearly 9 million acres.

Leading Crop Commodities for Alabama Land Loans

Any of Alabama’s leading crop commodities would be good candidates for utilizing Alabama land loans. Alabama’s top three state commodities are all related to livestock. The state’s fourth leading commodity is cotton lint. It’s used in high-quality paper products and plastics. Though one of Alabama’s state nicknames is The Cotton State, its national ranking fluctuates between 9th and 10th for cotton production nationwide.

Alabama’s next leading crop commodities are soybeans, peanuts, corn and wheat. Though not ranking in the top 10 commodities in the state, Alabama’s greenhouse and nursery industry is growing quickly. The state also sees a wide array of specialty fruits and vegetables, like watermelon, sweet potatoes, and squash.

AgAmerica Lending is proud to support producers in Alabama and all over the country. As land lending experts, we’re ready to provide the best in custom land loan packages for growers and producers in every state. We help the country’s farmers and ranchers grow and succeed with our loan products that feature low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.

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