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Peanut Farm Loans

Our farm loans and operating lines of credit are tailored to secure a steady supply of inputs for your peanut farm while preserving positive cash flow.

Ag Financing

Agricultural Financing for Peanut Farms

As a peanut farmer, staying ahead with inputs, equipment upgrades, and essentials like fertilizer is crucial. At AgAmerica, we're your trusted partner in maximizing your farm's potential. Our credit line offers up to 10 years of interest-only payments for flexibility, with a 20-year amortized loan option for financial stability.

Buy Land or Expand Operation
Explore adaptable financing options for your upcoming land purchase.
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Refinance & Lower Payments
Increase operational liquidity through farm debt consolidation.
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Increase Your Working Capital
Face any season with a personalized operating loan.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Financing for Peanut Farming

Learn how our straightforward, collateral-focused approach to underwriting creates opportunities for farmers and ranchers to position their operations for long-term financial success.

Our rural land financing is tailored to your unique needs through flexible products such as our interest-only lines of credit, 30-year term loans, or short-term variable or fixed loans.

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Give us a call at 844.516.8176 to speak with an agricultural financial expert.

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