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Swine Farm Loans

With AgAmerica’s swine farm loans, you can expect a financial solution designed specifically for your swine operational needs by a team of industry experts.

Loans to Buy Cattle

Swine farm profitability remains strong with hog and pig operations bringing in sales of $22.5 billion in 2012. Although hog production takes place across the country, it is heavily concentrated in three states: Iowa, North Carolina, and Minnesota. With the United States ranked 8th in world pork consumption per capita, it’s easy to see why pig farmers are in such high demand. AgAmerica can help get your swine farm up and running with a custom swine farm loan.



You understand your agribusiness better than anyone. Enjoy unlimited cash withdraws as often as you need and free of restrictions.



Our revolving credit line offers interest-only payments and longer amortization periods to help you lower your payments and increase your liquidity.



Growing your operation is your priority, and we respect that. Take peace of mind in the autonomy that comes with our 10-year LOC and no prepayment penalties.


Supporting American agriculture is essential to maintaining the food security of our nation. If you’re ready to learn more, here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about our revolving lines of credit.

Similar to a credit card, our 10-year LOC offers borrowers a revolving credit that can be accessed anytime, for any reason. Funds are available through the life of the loan and interest is only acquired on the portion that is borrowed.

Get Verified

Get Verified

  1. First, review and answer the four verification questions.
  2. Once verified, you will be prompted to fill out our loan request form.
  3. Next, one of our land lending specialists will contact you to assist with any additional questions.