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July 31, 2018

Taking Care of Agribusiness Relationships

Meet Agribusiness Relationship Managers Evan Atchison and Clint Tedder

At AgAmerica Lending we focus on relationships. We are here to serve the nation’s growers and ranchers and through those agribusiness relationships protect and preserve the agricultural industry. That’s why when you work with us you won’t get a salesman, you will meet one of our relationship managers. Evan Atchison and Clint Tedder, two of AgAmerica’s relationship managers, specialize in agribusiness relationships and also bring extensive ag knowledge to the table.

What It Means to Be an Agribusiness Relationship Manager

Evan Atchison joined the AgAmerica Lending team in August 2017 and brought with him personal knowledge of working in the fields of Polk County, Florida, which allowed him to get to know many of the local farmers and cattle ranchers. “My ranch-hand experience consists of helping brand, worm, and tag the cattle while on the ranch as well as helping herd and load them onto the trailers when we take them to the market,” he shares.

Knowing first-hand what our clients are going through day-to-day is important to the team at AgAmerica and only helps us serve them better. Evan notes, “Having insight into the industry helps us to better understand the situation of the farmer or rancher and therefore more suitably meet their needs.”

Clint Tedder came to AgAmerica from the Florida Farm Bureau Federation where he served as a District Field Representative. He finds his work at the Florida Farm Bureau to have been invaluable in developing his understanding of what a farmer needs and the ag industry as a whole. Like Evan, he has always worked in agriculture and brings local commodity knowledge including citrus, blueberries, hay, and cattle.

At AgAmerica he applies his knowledge and past experience in relationship management every day. “I am able to discuss a variety of critical issues concerning the agricultural industry, build relationships with the current, and future, generation of farmers and ranchers, and provide resources to set our clients up for financial success,” he shares.

Both Evan and Clint are active in the ag community and are members of the Florida Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers. They recently attended the YF&R Annual Leadership Conference and are even more prepared to help lead the ag industry into the future. As young industry leaders, Evan and Clint are proponents of agricultural education and leadership by the next generation and see these as priorities for the industry.

Relationship Management Helps Growers Overcome Challenges

Additionally, with their backgrounds in the industry, these two relationship managers understand the unique set of challenges that our nation’s producers face. AgAmerica’s mission is to help set your operation up with a financial structure that will allow you to thrive in good times and sleep well in tough times, and our team is always available to discuss your operation. From business plans and risk management strategies to the state of the industry, your relationship manager is here.

As trade concerns are top-of-mind for the ag industry, the AgAmerica team is keeping their eye on NAFTA renegotiations which may have a significant impact on the specialty crops industry. “With Florida being such a large specialty crop producer, farmers across the state are expressing that this is a critical time to make a change while they have the opportunity” Clint says.

“Besides the constant challenges of prices and weather, another common concern of today’s farmers and ranchers is keeping their land in ag with all of the encroaching development. Central Florida is a hotspot for population growth and development so keeping enough acreage is a big challenge, especially with the deep pockets of big developers,” Evan explains. In light of increased development, if you’re considering expanding your operation or buying land you are currently leasing to help keep the ag industry strong, AgAmerica offers agricultural farm, ranch, and timber land purchase loans and your relationship manager would be happy to discuss options with you.

Preserving agricultural land is not the only challenge the future of American agriculture faces. Today’s farmers and ranchers also have to be concerned with educating the public about the industry. “Social media, labeling, and organizations have created a large number of misinformed consumers. These consumers spread false information, which has a negative impact on the industry, and forces agricultural education to become, and remain, a priority,” Clint adds.

The AgAmerica Team

Evan Atchison and Clint Tedder are just two of our relationship managers and a part of a full team that is here to help your operation succeed with the right agricultural financing. Learn more about our team and explore our agricultural lending solutions designed with you in mind. When you’re ready to start building an agribusiness relationship with AgAmerica, schedule a phone call and we will be happy to help.

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