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Ag Legislation and Trade

Stay informed on the evolving landscape of American farm policy and the global trade climate for U.S. agriculture.

U.S. Agricultural Trade at a Glance

As the world’s second largest agricultural trader, American farmers and ranchers play a vital role in providing sustenance for families around the world.

Total U.S. employment related to the ag and food sectors in 2019
Total economic contribution from ag and food sectors in 2019
2021 U.S. agricultural exports forecast
2022 U.S. agricultural exports forecast

Agricultural Trade News

American farmers and ranchers play an integral role in providing food, fiber, and fuel—not just for our nation, but for the world. Learn more about the state of global trade for U.S. agriculture.

Elaine Trevino: Meet the New Chief Ag Trade Negotiator Nominee

Ag groups are expressing unanimous support for the newest Chief Ag Trade Negotiator. Here’s a few reasons why. On September 13, 2021, President Biden announced several intended nominations for key economic and trade representatives. One candida

Florida Agriculture Sounds the Alarm on Mexican Import Trade

A new report exposes the $4 billion impact of Mexican imports on the Florida economy. On August 30, 2021, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried released a report prepared by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDAC

U.S. and Russia: Phosphate Import Duties

Agricultural groups speak out against proposed phosphate tariffs. In a letter sent to the U.S. International Trade Commission on February 17, 2021, the American Soybean Association, National Corn Growers Association, and National Cotton Council

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Regulatory Reform

Take a nonpartisan look at updates to key ag regulation reforms impacting farmers and ranchers, from land conservation to water quality.

EPA Chloropyrifos Ban: The Good and Bad

What does the ‘zero tolerance’ ruling for chlorpyrifos insecticide residual mean for food crop production? Learn the potential farmer impacts of this regulatory update.

Redefining WOTUS: What Farmers Should Know

WOTUS regulation reform is an uncertainty farmers know all too well. Read what industry groups and lawmakers think about upcoming changes.

Food Additive Regulation for Livestock Feed

American Farm Bureau Federation President speaks on climate-smart practices that could help reduce methane emissions from livestock.


Read more about the major contributing factors influencing the financial outlook for American farmers and ranchers along with deep-dive insights into major U.S. ag commodities from AgAmerica's Chief Economist, Dr. John Penson.


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